Real Love Momenta Art 2009 > Hurricane Wilma 2005

Hurricane Wilma 2005 Studio Recovery, is an installation that is based on my experience of Hurricane Wilma. Since 2001 I have experienced series of life altering events 911, Substance Abuse, Hurricane Wilma, the collapse of my immune system to 5 T-cells resulting 4, rare HIV related strokes. The story to be told is the story of survival and recovery. Art has always been one the tools I have used to heal myself and others and to find order in the chaos of my life, by not only telling the story thru art, but by transforming myself in the process of making it, using it to rebuild my life, finding hope and beauty and a desire to be alive.

Structure, order, finding and building ways to arrange and place the chaos, has been the work my art for the last thirty years.

This installation will be the first time I combine three of these structures in the same exhibition, creating a site-specific installation. The Dialogue Tables are sites at which I re-contain order, by presenting performance narratives and objects, to tell stories and to make actions, discussing issues of gender identity, body politics, social and personal histories.

Over the years several bodies of work have been generated from the table sites or Stations as I now call them. The Photo Weavings, Blood Spot Series and Photo Stacks are examples.

Using Hurricane Wilma as the subject I will present on a table in the center of the gallery all of the recovered artifacts from my studio that was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. These artifacts are paint-splattered pieces of paper, many of my photo weavings and shards of broken glass stuck together on the paper fragments.

I am digitally scanning the paper into Photo Shop, weaving the individual pieces together in the formation of a grid structure, print them out as 4”x6” c-prints and sew them together in panels that will go from the floor to a height of 10’ and completely cover walls of the gallery.

Viewers will be able to sit at the table read the story, see the video of the actual hurricane and my recovery footage; it’s a mini documentary and look at and hold the actual objects.

A performance series at the table takes place in conjunction with any exhibition of this series. I would be there at the table telling my disaster stories. Viewers could sit with me at the table, as we talk broadcasting live via web cam over the Internet.