Real Love Momenta Art 2009 > My Destroyed Studio

On October 24th, 2005, Hurricane Wilma barroled through my home town West Palm Beach where I had gone to recover from another desaster, My 911. I blew the window out of my studio and this is my story. I wanted to be near my beach during my mid life crisis which was much longer than they are supposed to be, six years, and with many more desasters than any one person should have to experence. I thought I should be near my beach because if i was not to survive them I could just disapear into the warm ocean waters that I love so much.

This is the beginng of a story art and survival that is the story of my life. Tune in for more.

Here are some You Tube links to some other peoples stroies of the Hurricane named Wilma. This is YouTube Video #1, of Hurricane Wilma.